Some news.

Hello Tankers.
i am now sitting in the place with no network, basically cannot download anything big or play WoTB too long…… relying on mobile network. But still i will have to bring some good news and bad news to everyone.
Bad news first, shall we? The bad news is that, i will be quitting WoTB and Modding TEMPORARILY. As i am going to have my secondary school diploma certificate exam….. sorry guys, but i really like the start the modding earlier before my diploma exam, but still maintain it after it. Trust me, i will do something that everyone would like, and that will be the good news part.
Then now is the good news. I have already made a schedule for future mods after my diploma exam. The first after the diploma exam is the Jingles voice pack and Gnomefather’s HR gun sounds. And i basically discovered both of the mods for PC together. And with the success of new Voice pack (the GuP test voice pack), i decided to take another step forward, to convert some voice packs which is never done by anyone else. Afterwards, i will spend a day or two investigating on creating a .fdp for Gun sound and hit sounds (maybe?). But that will be something to talk about in the Mid of April. That’s when i come back.

Okay folks, that’s should be all of the news here, enjoy the Chinese New Year and hope happy days will continue while i am gone.


One thought on “Some news.

  1. Marc13Bautista February 1, 2016 / 2:53 pm

    Well that’s both good and sad to hear. I’d like to wish you luck for you’re exams as it is a one time thing unlike modding where you can do it in your free time. Again take you’re time making these mods, and worry about education first! Hopefully when you’re active again I can co-work with you and help convert some voice packs with you! 😀


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