[Projekt GuP] Open Version 8 WIP!

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**Plays Tank Anthem From GuP OST**

Hi Tankers,

Today i am delighted to announce that the Open Public Build Version 8 is Work in Progress. above is something new of course. but that’s not all!

I believe some of the players have some issues while entering Garage. i hope this version with the introduction of Lightweight Garage Music will fix that issue hopefully. I did a bit of removing some songs… and compress them even harder… and also tweaked the .fev to make them use less RAM.

Also i have changed the files that hold the Garage Texture a bit. now you can switch HD Graphics On/Off in the Graphics settings to see the HD/SD garage look. this will also reduce the load on weaker GPU. (my device is finally not overheating after i did that. Thank god.)

Last but not least, the pictures you see above. those are the new login screen. But the good thing is that they will not be replace the current login screen (I can hear some people going “Phew” already), but instead will be offered as “Extras”, and can be downloaded separately with the “Heavy-Weight Garage Sounds”(the HD sounds you are listening currently with like 12 musics inside). 4 HD High Quality (This time it will not decrease performance) Wallpaper-class Login Screen is added.

Are you excited about the new build? unfortunately this time the Beta Build will only available for Discord Group Members. Join Discord Group Today for free Beta Version!!

The Beta Version for this Build is expected to be released around 11 June, and hopefully i can add more features by then. Stay tuned for more information! Also Comment Below About what do you think about this update! Thanks!

Good Luck and Have Fun On The Battlefield!




3 thoughts on “[Projekt GuP] Open Version 8 WIP!

  1. Awesome guy June 10, 2016 / 7:32 am



  2. Marc13Bautista June 10, 2016 / 1:00 am



  3. Link June 9, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    Awesome . 😃


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