Maddox’s GUI-Sfx Mod Released!

Hi Tankers,

This is the GUI-Sfx mod, Which changes the sounds of Sixth sense, Base Capture behavior, game start count down sound……

Which is available for download today!

This mod is aimed to optimize the installation of plugins of sounds (Fan made Sixth-sense mods, Fan made sounds .etc)

There is an extra folder where there are some other sounds that you can replace with.


way to install:

unzip the .zip file and then  put all .fsb and .fev that you see in the zip folder into Sfx folder.

If you like to install extra audios, open Extras folder and choose which sounds you like and then put the .fsb file into the Sfx folder as well.

Have fun on the battlefield!



2 thoughts on “Maddox’s GUI-Sfx Mod Released!

  1. Mantikor (マンティコア) November 5, 2016 / 4:02 am

    Just had a game where I heard the alarm bell of the cap counter (?), it went off at 30-ish% and 2:30-ish minutes to go.


  2. Dr. Generalfeldmarschall October 14, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    Dear Maddox,

    I appreciate your hard efforts to make a lot of mods for Blitz!
    By the way, what’s GR file?
    After I apply that mod, I couldn’t hear last different sounds mod which is GUI battlestreamed.fsb, GUI howitzerload.fsb, GUI quickcommand.fsb, etc! Especially, the reload and quickcommand sounds were the same as just normal Blitz sounds. Nothing different, though.
    My last mod has real English crew voices of quickcommands.
    If possible, could you make the files to GUI battlestreamed.fsb, GUI howitzerload.fsb, GUI quickcommand.fsb, etc like my last mod? My last mod includes English crew quickcommands, special sound effects when chatting.
    Thanks for your reply soon!


    Dr. Generalfeldmarschall


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