“The Modding Guide!” Project

Hi Tankers,

Have you ever wondered how mods are made? Are you interested into making your own WoTB mods?

If the answer for both questions are true, then this is some great news for you. I am planning to disclose some of the secrets to modding in the coming project “The Modding Guide!”, which is something like a tutorial that guides you through the process of making a mod in detail explanation with words, pictures or even short videos. This project will slowly progress and a full library of “The Modding Guide!” will include instructions of making mods. For now, we will only write about mods that we know the most. And as time pass by and we figure more and more mods, the project will be filled up with more and more instructions of more mods.

The first page (introduction) for “The Modding Guide!” has been done recently, and many new things waiting to fill it up!

Stay Tuned for more News!


One thought on ““The Modding Guide!” Project

  1. DarwinCD November 16, 2016 / 12:35 am

    Hell yeah!! Looking forward to it mate! 🙂 I installed WOTB Steam version right when it got available just to have the possibility to mod the game (mostly camo/skins for the tanks) and sights if possible. Keep it up mate and thanks for the time and effort you put into this guide. I’m sure AF plenty of people is waiting for it


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