[Projekt GuP] Build 10 Beta Testing Begins!

Hi Tankers,

If you are closely following my actions in Discord and stuff, you might know that Projekt GuP Build 10 will be the biggest ever update. And to avoid screwing things up and letting you guys know a bit on what is going to go on, I created a page specifically for the beta testing of the components of the update.

Of course I am still planning on most of the content that is going on, so feel free to comment and stuff, and error report whether it works or not. There will be a lot of new content going in (Which i didn’t had the chance to do it back then), and Old Content Leaving (Which is kinda outdated which is why i am getting them replaced).

And lastly the usual update can’t leave without addition to Login Screen Wallpapers, so I will be adding that as well.

And to the Old stuff which is getting removed, It will be preserved in the form of being included in Extras Package, but it will not be maintained nor updated anymore.

Have fun Blitzing!


2 thoughts on “[Projekt GuP] Build 10 Beta Testing Begins!

  1. Juckslasher March 29, 2017 / 10:55 am

    ok the latest update has come out and has removed everything but the GuP music 😦 when do we expect to have the Gup mod back… p.s. no rush.


    • Maddoxkkm March 29, 2017 / 10:56 am

      Just reinstall the mod. The update files just overridden the mods. It should be alright to reinstall the whole thing back in. I will test it tonight


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