Maddox’s Mods: Q&A 2! (Answers Post) And Q&A 3!

Hi Tankers,

Sorry for the late question post. I was really busy with various of works and totally forgot about this as well. But here are my answers to your questions.

    • Q: When will you make the hit sound modpack from the PC version?
    • A: I currently want to schedule the production of this mod during the summer holidays. Details will have to be decided depending on my schedule. I am currently building an mini test version to test my theories before I begin.
    • Q: do u retcon u could do a tier ten modern tank skin mod
    • A: I have no plans on doing this, as I am have no plans to turn this site into “Modern Tanks Modding” site.
    • Q: Do you watch Girls und Panzer? If yes what is your favourite School and Character
    • A: Well I did watch GuP (only the main anime series), but my favourite school should be St. Gloriana and for my favourite character… I don’t really have any preference on that. lol.
    • Q: Warthunder gun sounds when?
    • A: No plans for that. I think some other modders have already done this.
    • Q: as a big fans of Girls Und Panzer, can you make GUP skin for all tanks or at least tank that not included in the anime or movie like IS-3,IS-8,T44 , and what software you using to edit or recreate pvr texture
    • A: I think I will have to leave Tankerch to help you with this.
    • Q: GuP sights for sniper mode ples!!! (like the IS-2 one from the film)
    • A: Hmmmm…. I haven’t watch the film so i don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe if i have a chance to take a look at it and i will see whether it’s worth working on it.
    • Q: What was your favorite part/scene from the whole GuP series. (including film and ova)
    • A: Well It was a long time ago since I watched GuP for the last time so i basically forgot the most of the scene.
    • Q: What time is the real cannons out?
    • A: Real Cannons?
    • Q: How old are you?
    • A: Did not see this question coming. Well I am 18 right now.
    • Q: Will u stream ur blitz gameplay online at YT (wanna learn some unicum skills)? Or at least do u plan on doing it?
    • A: I have no plans on streaming anything, as I currently live under a Metered Connection.
    • Q: Is there any way to make a damage counter mod, that keeps a running total of how much damage you’ve done? If you’re able to make one, I’d have to throw some money your way. 😉
    • A: This mod would be impossible to create under the current Blitz system as the Current game doesn’t allow the modifying of game code.
    • Q: A lot of people would like to apply PC hit sounds and engine sounds at recent version to Blitz!
    • A: I have answered the part for PC Hit Sounds. And for Engine Sounds as it’s a lot more complicated than all other Sfx Mods (because I prefer building things from scratch) I have no plans on making it.
    • Q: I design camo and have put together a completed camo pack(summer.
      , winter, desert), How do I post it for others to use? I have pics of tanks with my camo.
    • A: Well currently I am not keen on adding anything mods to my site, but you can still share them via the community within my Modding Discord Server.


So the answers answered, and here I will start the next Q&A here, so you guys can put your questions ASAP. the end of this Q&A will be 24/6/2017 23:59 UTC/GMT+8. So read the Answers and let the Asking Begin once again!

Have fun doing whatever you are doing!


3 thoughts on “Maddox’s Mods: Q&A 2! (Answers Post) And Q&A 3!

  1. TastedaBomb May 13, 2017 / 5:06 pm


    Could you explain how to install the GuP garage? I’m trying to put it but it does not work and I do not know if I’m doing something wrong.
    In .zip or .rar there are 3 folders and 1 file. Copy the Data folder and paste it next to the other in such a way that the corresponding files are replaced, once done I enter the game but I do not see the hangar GuP, only appear the hangar of the day of the victory. May the mod dont work with 3.8 of World of Tanks Blitz?


    • Maddoxkkm May 13, 2017 / 6:09 pm

      hi, the mod is okay, it’s just that the hangar doesn’t cover the Victory Day hangar. other then Event hangar it will show perfectly.


  2. FonFon May 13, 2017 / 1:49 pm

    Umm if i understand correcty i can put question here. So… I beelieve in next patch on PC WoT devs will add Female Crew voices for each nations, and they already been avaible on test server, so i wonder, do you planing to convert them to Blitz?

    Sorry about my eng.


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