[Anime Itasensha] Latest!

Hi Anime Tankers,

Well it’s been a long time since I last pushed an update for Anime Itasensha, and there are a lot of reasons behind it.

  1. I was busy attempt writing a batch script that allowed the conversion of skins to different GPUs so everyone can use the set of skins that best match their device performances.
  2. There was a lot of missing skins in tier 7,8 which i don’t know when i would be able to find people to skin them for me or me skinning themselves.
  3. Reskinning of the Grille 15
  4. Network Restrictions in my student accomdation (10GB per month is rather harsh)
  5. wanted to recollect all the skins in 2048*2048 size for this update (2048*2048 is original WoT PC skin size)
  6. Too lazy (don’t kill me please)

Anyway I also decided to stop support tier 7 skins for the moment due to a lot of the tanks in tier 8 not skinned.

Here are the screenshots of the Updated Anime Itasensha (2048*2048 PC HD skins)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have fun with new skins!


12 thoughts on “[Anime Itasensha] Latest!

  1. 4BEraser October 9, 2017 / 12:05 am

    Well I’m just looking for some old SD skins from WoT so I get here… I know it’s hard to make a collection, but I wonder if you have write credits for these skins’ origin makers? I can name out almost 70 percents of these skins’ maker, but I haven’t found any credits… Maybe I missed it?


    • Maddoxkkm October 9, 2017 / 12:10 am

      No you didn’t missed them. Almost every skin that wasn’t made by me was found either on reposts of other people’s collection or just random internet files.. I really wanted to credit the original owners but I am not aware the names of most of the skinners who made them. However I am more than happy to include them if they are confirmed to be the works of a specific Skinner from WoT.


      • 4BEraser October 9, 2017 / 12:29 am

        It’s really sad as these authors have AFK cuz the HD model of WoT is MUCH MORE harder to make skins than old one, and during the time they decide to AFK, WG are unfriendly to all skin makers. I’m making skins for WoT for about one year, with all in HD model. I can feel what they feel when they know their skins will not available in next update. Now there’re ways to avoid these skins become unable to use, but these author seems will not come back.


        • Maddoxkkm October 9, 2017 / 10:09 am

          I do agree dealing with HD models are a lot more tricker then the standard models we get here in Blitz/ old WoT. There might be a chance that In the future That I will start making WoT Mods or something…


      • 4BEraser October 9, 2017 / 12:32 am

        Anyway, do you have the origin file of that E-75 Luka skin? I’m going to fix it, but the origin link has been disabled to use.


    • 4BEraser October 9, 2017 / 12:22 am

      oops I found your word on download page… Still nobody know the authors? Let me give you some credits:
      Style like E-50(M?), Maus, Leopard PT,AMX 50B: 艾芙子(ffretice) CN Author. Status:AFK Page:http://bbs.duowan.com/space-uid-50255204.html(Maybe need to login)
      Style like E-75:特兰西瓦尼亚酱 CN Author. Status:AFK
      Style like Obj.140: 伊卡洛斯系列(Series name. Author:samsink) CN Author, Status:AFK


  2. Anonymous July 9, 2017 / 11:33 am

    i cant seem to find the download button D; how to download the files


  3. 8000cilindros June 23, 2017 / 9:04 am

    And to be able to download friend
    It’s an excellent job.


  4. Anonymous June 6, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Thank you so mich fir everything you did for us


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