[Projekt GuP] Reborn!

Hi Tankers,

Screenshot (1228)

You think Projekt GuP is dead? Not so. I was just kinda overwhelmed by the work in my University Studies. If you are sharp enough, you already noticed that the whole Download Page for Projekt GuP Open Public Version is already filled with new info and download links removed.

Because Tomorrow, Projekt GuP will be new. totally new. Everything you remembered about Projekt GuP will be updated, Except the Login Screen.

While most of the new elements are already introduced in the Version 10.0 Beta Page, I have added some elements over the course the few months of time.

Let’s get onto the updates:

  1. The Hangar will be totally overhauled, with a customly imported GuP Hanger made just for Ooarai. New “Dust” particles added into the garage to add some “Hangar Feel” compared to the Beta Version. Also new OST from GuP der film was added into the login screen and hangar respectively
  2. Remake of the Login Keyarts. As their formats are slightly incompatible with 4.1 update, I decided to remake them, but also changing some of them as well, And as usual, the rest will be in the Extra_keyart section, but except this time it’s intergrated into the same zip package with the Open Public Version.

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  3. Remake of the Country Flags. As the old version was mainly focused on Red and Blue color, It made the mod appear to be a bit too plain. I Tried to remake them in Different colors in the Beta Version, The only difference between Beta version and this release is that the American Flag is in Green instead of Yellow.

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  4. Remake of the Queue Screen Background. The old one was extensively edited allowing it to fit without much resizing. So I decided to use a new one. It should look a lot better… Screenshot (1209)
  5. Loading Wheel. This feature has been planned since the start of the project, but due to a lot of the technical problems I faced it wasn’t possible until now. So yeah. All loading wheel will be changed to this one from now on:
    • ezgif-1-4b81cf02a0

So yeah. That’s basically the changes for this new Reborn Projekt GuP! Here comes a video to go with the update!

Have fun with the new mod, which will hopefully be released tomorrow!


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