[Update 4.4] Updates, Banned (Not) and Update regarding Crew Voices!

Hi Tankers,

Screenshot (1252).png

Oh look! I am not banned! Who were the ones spreading irresponsible rumors about all mods will be banned? *whipser* ForBlitz members…….

Anyway, now the truth is revealed, all mod project are resumed. I have just updated the gun sound mods for update 4.4, remember to update them every time the game updates! I don’t want to receive crash reports for “outdated mods”, thanks.

And also, I have recently been asked about “Female Crew Voices”… I know it has been a long since I said “I am working on them”, but because of the complexity of conversion (I will have to either be familiar with the voice itself because there no reference to the voice file itself once extracted, or I will have to be an expert at that language in order to understand it…. which I am obviously not)… Currently with the help of Khorny I am able to complete the German Female Crew Voice….. But since there is no one helping with other languages I am unable to complete them….

So Meanwhile I am studying for exams yesterday, I took a bit of time to quickly compile the Sabaton Crew Voice, which should hopefully be out by weekend, and also made a preview video (yes I know I should be studying, but kinda tired and so decided to do it)…

And after the Sabaton Crew Voice, I am thinking on working on the Female Crew Voice of US and British crews, and unfortunately I will have to leave the rest of the languages alone because I have insufficient knowledge on their pronunciation, and working on these “Wwise” sounds will take me a lot of effort even If i had knowledge on the pronunciation of that language, so help is needed and welcomed. :3

That’s it for now, I hope everything is going well and no one is banned! Have fun doing whatever you are doing!


5 thoughts on “[Update 4.4] Updates, Banned (Not) and Update regarding Crew Voices!

  1. Anonymous November 18, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    wow i want that mods


    • Kody Larson November 12, 2017 / 1:55 pm

      Japanese voices would probably be the most confusing and time consuming of all the voice packs due to the complexity of the language its self having 3 different alphabets. but i agree wouldn’t mind having them or the brits my firefly is lonely.


  2. Anonymous November 9, 2017 / 10:53 pm

    What’s Sabaton?
    It sounds like English crew voice, though.


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