[SerBot] SerBot Rewrite!

Hi Tankers,

Most of you guys might have heard of the bot that I developed during my spare time, SerBot. Recently I have introduced a new Keyart Generation command that allows users to generate their login Keyarts easily with SerBot Beta, and now I am going to introduce everyone to the fixes and improvements that will be integrated into the New SerBot in the near future! (or distant future, depending on how long it will take me to develop them)

If you want to try the new features out right now, feel free to join our modding server, where SerBot Beta will be running 24/7 to test out various stuff.

  1. Changed Command Prefix to “s!”
    • I have received feedback about SerBot’s command prefix has been conflicting with other bots, so I decided to change it to a new and probably unique prefix, so it will have a very small chance that it will clash with other bots.
  2. Player Stats Check Improved!
    • Remember the times you always forget about someone’s IGN, only able to remember the first few letters of it and SerBot keeps telling you there is no such player? a “fuzzy” search flag has been added when you need it, simply add “-f” or “-fuzzy” after your search like this “s!player Asia Maddoxkkm -f”, and it will return the Closest IGN match that starts with the given search, instead of exact IGN match that was set by default.
    • WN8 was planned to be added into the bot long time ago, but it faced difficulties due to messy old code of the SerBot (mostly due to me learning scripting for the first time in my life, so yeah, my fault there). WN8 expected values are available thanks to BlitzStars. WN8 color scale are from WOTLABS. (only slight difference to BlitzStars one, in terms of coloring)Untitled.jpg
    • MGR2.2 was asked to be added into SerBot by Russian Players, apparently it’s their standards of measuring skill other than WN8 and WN7. I personally recommend this scale over WN8 because it’s made just for Blitz, and it (in my opinion) measures skill better than WN8 and WN7 as it discards all tank data that are tier 6 or below. So If you don’t have any tier 7 or above tanks researched you are probably going to get “unavailable” for this specific stat.
  3. Clan Stats Check Improved!
    • Now it has a flag, which allows you to show the list of the players in the clan, but it returns a very long embed reply as it includes several stats of each player in the clan.
  4. Less random search errors. Untitled
    • this annoying error will happen a lot less than before, due to an optimization in SerBot code which will automatically retry API request when something went wrong. It will still show this error if something is really messed up with WG’s API, which comes with a reply directly from WG API, which will be reported automatically to me, so I can understand what happened.
  5. Server Population command Improved!Untitled
    • now Instead of having to type in the server you are looking for, now it doesn’t require anything. But the output format has been changed as well – instead of showing online numbers for every game, it now only shows population of all 4 WoTB Servers.
  6. Command Alias Improved. Now meaningless command names like “PS” and “CS” are accompanied with meaningful command names like “PlayerStats”, “Player” and “ClanStats”, “Clan”. you are welcomed to use all of the alias. Now all available alias are shown in the Help Message as well.
  7. Server Tags Improved. remember how annoying it is to remember to use “SA” for Asian Server when it could be “SEA” or “ASIA”? yeah you can do all of those now.
    • Asian Server: “SA”, “SEA”, “ASIA”
    • Russian Server: “RU”, “Russian”
    • European Server: “EU”, “Europe”
    • North American Server: “NA”
  8. Things that are in the planning board:
    1. Clan overall WN8, WN7 and MGR2.2 display (Currently facing difficulties due to potential API spam, so might be added to a separate flag, which will take some time to show)
    2. Player 7-day Periodic Stats (Currently Unsure Implementation method, very low chance of making appearance, as it adds a huge pressure onto performance of the bot)
    3. I am still deciding whether to include Keyart Generation for public bot, and I will be closely monitoring the bot’s performance and decide from that.
    4. Some fun commands (Unsure what to put, ideas please.)

well the above are the changes that are planned for SerBot in the future, feel free to join my modding server and test the features out.

Have fun doing whatever you are doing!


2 thoughts on “[SerBot] SerBot Rewrite!

  1. Anonymous January 14, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    lmao need help maiddox ?


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