Hi all,

First, I’m sorry for a bug in my GuP skins mod about Maus rainbow skins. It looks like the bug only affected for touch device only, so it’s hard to detect the bug because I tested this mod only with PC.

To fix that bug, I already upload the newer version of GuP Skins v.1.7.1, but if you have limited internet quota, I already upload separated file to fix this problem

Thank you for your understanding,


[GuP Skins] Minor Fix!

Hi all,

I just found a bug in my GuP skins mods, which when accessing “Upgrades” and “Equipment” from Centurion 1Pershing, and Matilda tabs will make the game crash [At least from STEAM]. Although there is no effect at all when it is on the battlefield.

Because the file is very small, I also make a patch” for this special updates. Please visit “Modding Corner” for download links.

*Remember, This mods ONLY CHANGE the model turrets, NOT the HITSKINS.

That’s for a while, Panzer Vor ~

[Tankerch Mods] New Update, New Map, New Mods.

Ey all, :3

because I am busy with coursework, causing mods schedule update “Tankerch mods” to be late until now, sorry for the delay (─‿‿─)
*note : it has come out, for someone who do not know :\

WG already realeasing new update 3.4 with new tanks and canyon maps, so, Tankerch mods [GUP battle loading and Tanks] will be updated to match the update. This is a complete list of what changed :

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Tankerch is here

Hi all,

I am Tankerch, IGN: RI_Nishizumi_Miho from the Asian Server, maybe some of you have heard my IGN from maddox posts about my skin on SP 1C. Before i’m here, I have uploaded my mods in WoTB Facebook group. So, from now, please take care of me :3 .

Recently, i  have made a mods about battle loading GuP theme mods and Selection University (Daigaku Senbatsu) tanks mods. Maybe, in this weekend, i will launch a GuP tanks modpack (i can’t promise about upload schedule). And my ultimate goal is to edit 3D tanks models.

best regards,


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