Modding Corner

This page displays mods complied or Made by site’s authors, no matter they are ready for release or in the Beta-Build stage. please be aware that for beta-builds there will be a sign warning that this is a beta build (Beta) sign.

Mod Installation Method can be found In the text boxes at the bottom of the page (Mobile) or at the right of the page (PC or Tablet sizes)

OPEN [Battle Loading] Girls Und Panzers Battle loading

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OPEN [Battle Loading] KBM Battle Loading “TrueMaps”


OPEN [Hangar] WoTB x WoWs Themed Hangar

OPEN [HUD] Maddox’s HUD

OPEN [Project] “Projekt GuP” Girls Und Panzers Theme Pack

OPEN [Skins] Anime Itasensha

Beta [Skins] Girls and Panzers Tanks Skins

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OPEN [Skins] Khorny’s KBM SkinMods “TrueGermany”


OPEN [Sounds] GUI-SFX mod

OPEN [Sounds] Gun/ Hit Sounds Mod

OPEN [Sounds] WoTB Crew Voices