[Skins] Anime Itasensha

Hello Tankers:

I hereby proudly present my collection of Anime Itasensha made by various skinners across WoT and WoTB.

For now i have only complied a collection consist of tier VII-X tanks (Except RU251 and SP.1C), but stay tuned for more updates.

Disclaimer: i am not the creator for most of these skins. i am only responsible for converting it for Blitz Purpose. you can thank the original skinners in the comments below (i am sure they are happy to see their skins are recycled for Blitz use)

PC HD download

Normal SD download

List of Original makers of the skins

  • TaLLIePO
  • samsink
  • 艾芙子(ffretice)
  • 特兰西瓦尼亚酱


Update 4.0 (6.4.2017)

  • Temporary Removed Support for Tier 7 Tanks
  • Added 2048*2048 skins (PC Only HD 2k skins)
  • Added French HT line tanks:
    • AMX 50B
    • AMX 50 120
    • AMX 50 100
  • Add Premium tanks:
    • Glacial 112
    • WZ-111
  • Tier 8 tanks that doesn’t have skins:
    • O-47
    • AMX CDC
    • T-54 Ltwt
    • T-54 First Prototype
    • IS-3 Defender
    • IS-5 (Object 730)
    • IS-2Sh
    • Ru 251
    • Panther 8,8cm L/71
    • M6A2E1 Exp
    • T49

Update 3.2 (28.11.2016)

  • Added T57 Heavy Branch Tanks:
    • T57 Heavy
    • T54E1
    • T69
    • T71
  •  Changed the Anime skin of the following tanks (improved Vision and Removed NSFW Skins)
    • Fv215b
    • Fv215b(183)
    • Fv4202
    • IS-4
    • Leopard 1
    • M48A1 Patton
    • Obj.140
    • Conqueror
    • M46 Patton
    • VK 45.02 (B)
    • Ferdinand
    • Jpanther II
    • Pershing
    • IS-6

Update 3.1 (14.9.2016)

Added Grille 15, SP.1C Skins

Removed some residue NSFW skins (didn’t got all of them last time)

Update 3.0 (17.7.2016)

Updated Grille 15 branch (Except Grille 15)

Removed all NSFW skins

Replaced a lot of the skins

Added tier VII skins (except SP.1C)

Changed the format of Camouflage remover, now you can select empty camouflage to use other than normal camouflage.

Update 2.2 (18/4/2016) update details

Updated Obj.263 branch (SU-101, SU-122-54, Obj.263)

Updated several NFSW Skins (T28 Prot., Pershing, KV-5)

Fixed IS-6 missing Camouflage remover

Added Ingame Camouflage Remover for Obj.263 branch

Update 2.1 (14/1/2016) update details

Added Ingame Camouflage Remover.

Update 2.0.1 (11/1/2016)

fixed E100 Turret texture corrupted issue

Update 2.0 (11/1/2016)

used RGBA4444 format to pack the textures. the file size should decrease by half or more.

Update 1.2

added Tier VIII Tanks

Update 1.1

added Tier IX Tanks

Update 1.0 (first release)

used .png format to store the texture and used .tex file to read them. the mod will be universally compatible with all GPUs

added Tier X vehicles

screenshots (Below is a small portion of it) : (Click Here for all screenshots!)

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