The site remains, but I will stop updating.

Hi Tankers.

It’s been a long time since I posted something on this site huh. My life has been very busy and I’ve still went my way to maintain some of my mods, but I’ve never uploaded them to this site anymore. I know this is my bad, but my passion for WoTB Modding and the game itself has been decreasing from time to time. And really, the last of my passion in this game is mostly within the competitive side of WoTB, where I am now leading my own clan to play in the Professional tournaments.

The game itself has become more and more pay-to-win in my opinion, with the influx of Overpowered Tier 8 premiums, and more and more overpriced premium tanks, lootboxes, you-name-it. nowadays I’m just staying at higher tiers just so that I can be comfortable with what I am facing in games. It’s just not easy anymore.

Modding in WoTB has also become harder and harder. The recently introduced SmartDLC for Android in 5.2 took a lot of my energy to come up with workarounds, and then with 5.10 with the full introduction dvpl files, of it just broke my heart seeing that all my hard-work is unusable after years and years of it being totally fine (on Android).

With this in mind, I am now announcing that I’ll be stop maintaining this site indefinitely, at least until that I’ve regained confidence in this game, or someone takes over my work.

But fear not! I am not leaving anyone behind. I’m still running my Discord server as always, and I’ll still be maintaining some of my mods, and I’ll post updates of mods there as usual (for the gun sounds), but some other mods like Projekt GuP will have to be archived, as I’ve really ran out of energy into maintaining them for the game. The modding community is still growing bit by bit, but I’m afraid that I can’t stay around to see it bloom. I’ll be hopefully focusing on knowledge transfer to newer modders, and perhaps someday someone can takeover my roles in the modding community and continue to spread mods in WoTB with passion and love.

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Maddox Out! May this site rest in peace!


[Update 5.4] Mod Service Slowly restoring!!


Hi Tanker,

Long Time No See! Well how long is it been since I have released an update for mod on this site?

Well today is the day that mods are revived! (official post link embed within the screenshot above, please click for it)

Now, what are the plans? I am unable to do much modding for now due to my modding skills being rusty already, so It will take me a month or two to get things back on track and such, only PC gun sound mod will be maintained for now.

*Damn, it has been so long that I already forgot what I used to write when ending a post….

[Update 4.8] All mods Banned!! Part 2!

Portal to Part 1 of this post!

Soo….. currently it seem like the hell for this site. and it is still hell for us mod users. But WG have finally told us their “intentions”.

Before I start commenting on that, let’s take a look at what WG staff said.



Well. That’s what WG said.

Here’s the thing, Wargaming have said that many times (even before this ban was announced) that, THEY DO NOT SUPPORT MODS.

There is no reason they should be improving their Cheat detection system if they already rekt the modding community and scared everyone away. And them not even supporting mods in the first place.

As a result, I am still going to follow WG’s ONLY stance written on the patch notes for 4.8.

my standard is: As long as WG doesn’t announce that We can use mods once again in the In-game News page, just like how they announced that “using mods will get your banned”, I will remain quiet, and the longer it takes for WG to announce that, the more likely I will consider to move onto another game that at least respects their community and not irresponsibly wrecking a player-based community.

It may seem like a harsh move, but I am just going to be honest here: I am already fed up with Wargaming’s shit for the past updates, and if they don’t care about improving, then there is no point in staying in this game.


[Update 4.8] All mods Banned!!

Well… Not really a mood to type this post out. But I must do this, for the sake that no one gets banned tomorrow.


I am really hoping this didn’t just happened, but our trip through the modding lane is finally coming to an end – WG is banning all mods in 24 hours.

It’s a really sudden news, but I don’t really have much to say about it. I know there is a quite a few cheat mod makers out there, and to those players who cheats – “Screw You!”

Sooo….. what now?

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[Crew Voices] French Crew Voice Updated + French Female Crew Voice addition!

Hi Tankers,

Recently I have mentioned about French Female Crew voice, and now it has finished it’s testing and I would have to thank sulf4te from EU server once again for this to come true.

Along with French Female Crew Voice, the Male Crew Voice also got a small rework as well, it is now richer in voice variety.

Download them in Modding Corner Today!

Have fun doing whatever you are doing!

[Update 4.7] Mods Update!

Hi Tankers,

We have arrived in 4.7 update.

As usual gun sound mods are always updated, feel free to download the latest version of it.

Yamato Harbour hangar is still broken for the time being, will have to wait for some more time before I can fix it.

A news that might be exciting is that, with the help of sulf4te from EU server, the French Female crew voice now enters the stage of compilation and testing, and should be up in a week. If you want an opportunity to test out the French Female Crew Voice join our server right now!

Have fun with the new update!

[4.6 Update] Mod Status

Hi Tankers,

I believe you guys already installed update 4.6, and there are a lot of changes this update that includes Hanger changes and I am not able to instantly update them (as they require just a name change of a certain folder but uploading them will take me some time)

Therefore, most of the mods (made by Maddox) except Gun sounds will be updated at Friday as I need to check whether there are other things that broke the mods.

by the way, here’s a 121 skin I made out of boredom.


Have fun enjoying the update!