The Modding Guide!


Mods aka Modifications, are fan-made materials that allows the customization of the game client (in this case WoTB Game Client) , and we are groups of people who take advantage of this to make mods that will certainly improve your gameplay quality and experience.

The modding guide on this site will teach some of the simple mods (For now), and we will talk about the underlying principles with also the concepts of how things work. We hope to encourage more and more WoTB players to be involved into the Modding World of WoTB.

Assumed knowledge

  • How to install mods
  • Where does the mods belong
  • File type of each of the mods catagory (Gfx, Sfx, Textures, XML, Yaml elements)
  • The file structure of the game files (folders, common stuff between files)

If you do not understand any of the above knowledge, I recommend you to try to explore it from top to bottom once. The Android game files is missing a few folders, so I suggest you to get a file explorer for Android and open an APK as Zip to explore it’s content before you advance.

Recommended Softwares (My Setup) (details are listed in the Introduction of each chapter)

  • A working computer to make the mods (Best if Windows as some of the software used or i have experience with are Windows only)
  • Photo-Editing software for Gfx and Gfx2, perhaps 3D model textures (GIMP or Photoshop will do, and the guides here will focus the use of GIMP)
  • Fev Fsb Creating/ editing set for Sfx Mods(FMOD Designer and the Programmer’s API for FMOD Designer)
  • Fsb Extractor (when analyzing Sfx mods)
  • Audacity (for editing the sounds)
  • Notepad++ (using the Notepad that came with Windows computer is never recommended, because it WILL CRASH the game when making Gfx Mods)
  • Texture Packer (a small software only for Windows)
  • PVRTexTool for 3D model textures compression


Without further ado, let’s get the modding guide started! Guide Still in Construction!

Chapter list

If you have any question regarding to the Modding Guide, or have some ideas you want to present or add on to the guides feel free to put them here below. Make sure you check your Email Inbox incase i reply!